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Weekly Radio Broadcast - August 2, 2009


  August 02, 2009  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard's Garden
Leaf rollers in Canna's, Cornmeal and Dry molasses to get rid of Ants, Getting rid of Bamboo, Indian Hawthorne with cocoons on it, Centipede grass, Stackable pots for Hydroponics.


Bees Swarmming florescent lights, Princess tree,
Metopolis Rose, Wild strawberry weeds
Asp, Propagating sweet potatos,
Garlic for mesquitos (works on butterflies?),
Virginia Creeper, Bees attracted to lights.

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Organics In The News
Garrett Juice Plus, Getting Rid of Clover, St Augustine with Fungus, Sqaush and Cantalope,
Zeolite, Dying Oak Tree, Corn Gluten Meal,
Growing Pumpkins.

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