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Weekly Radio Broadcast - August 24, 2008


 August 24, 2008  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard’s Garden 

Compost Tea; Lace Flies; Oak Trees Dying; Repelling Mosquitoes, Treating Burns with Honey; Drought, Trees, Drying Figs; Decomposing Piles of Leaves, Nitrogen, Molasses, Rock Phosphate.


Perfect Garden Tool System, Bear in California, Honey on Burns; Chinch Bug Damage, Improving a Lawn, Leggy Azaleas, Sick Tree Treatment; Preserving Figs; Pecan Issues, Plant Wash; K 31 Grass, Weeds; Fleas, Obtaining Organic Products, Amanda Love; Preventing Spring Weeds, When to Apply Corn Gluten Meal; Mushrooms, Mexican Petunia; Cocoa Mulch, Spores; Irradiation, Ivy, Marketing Confusion.

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Organics in the News

Pruning Pecan & Fruitless Mulberry Trees, Tomato Leaves Drooping, Rubber Mulch; Comparing Various Kinds of Mulch; Suckers from Tree Roots; Bermuda Grass, St. Augustine Invasion; Eradicating Ivy Around Tree, Legume Trees, Nitrogen; Mice, Hot Pepper; Dead Spots in Oaks, Pecans, Bushes.

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