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Weekly Radio Broadcast - August 9, 2009


  August 09, 2009  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard's Garden
Purple leaf momosa, Raspberry Ants, Raised Flower bed, Gulls, Mexican Petunia's, tomatoes and okra not producing, Crape Myrtle near septic system.


Getting rid of wild onions, Leaf Hopper messing up flower blooms, Starting basic organic program, with Garrett juice and Rock sands,
Red Oak tree in stress, Pickle Pear cactus in compost.

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Organics In The News
Pineapple plant not blooming, Gophers, Pill bug infestation, cooking grease in compost pile,
Diatomaceous Earth for fleas on a dog, Fall Garden, How to heat compost pile up,
Breaking down dog manure not cleaned up,
Wasp picking on tomatoe plant, Fire Ants.

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