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Weekly Radio Broadcast - December 13, 2009


  December 13, 2009  content_img.2334.img.gif



Basic Organic Program

My Argentina trip. The creature feature. Vinegar for weeds. Fertilizering.  Mesquite and black locust tree. Growing garlic. The mother in vinegar.


Getting started in organics. Enjoying the organic program. Artichokes - Brussel sprouts. Bio S.I. Tree trunk goop. Orange tree not fruiting. Japanese maple tree. Peppers froze: safe to eat or not. Shoots from dead tree. Tap roots on a ginkgo tree. Tea instead of coffee for compost tea.

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Organics In The News

A tree planted incorrectly. Orange plants in containers. Organic gardening in other regions. Tree planting. Removing tree comments. Onions. Relocating turk’s cap.

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