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Weekly Radio Broadcast - December 5, 2010


 December 05, 2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour Commercial food crop growing. Tree Trimming. SPCA - ‘Pet-of-the-Week’. The cost of being organic. Howard's Experimental Garden. Vine Squash Borers.            content_img.2343.img.gif 
  2nd Hour Green Tomatoes. Vine Squash Borers. ‘Poison-of-the-Week’ - DEET. Green Tomato cake recipe. Frost bite on Cabbage. Corn meal for foot fungus recommended by some Doctors. Post Oak tree problem.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg
 3rd Hour Dirt Doctor's organic corner in stores. Bamboo. Tick control. New D.E. and which D.E. to use and not to use. Starting an organic program in the fall. Bamboo cutting boards. Aphid problem. Food Safety bill.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

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