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Weekly Radio Broadcast - February 12, 2017


  • Working on social media
  • SPCA update
  • Is it time for corn gluten?
  • Pruning right now
  • Mother Earth News Fair Belton, Texas
  • Suggestions for small hedge on a porch
  • Planting trees near water or gas lines
  • Bed preparation details


  • Raccoon problem and garlic-pepper tea
  • Citrus peelings in garden, will that keep earthworms away
  • Something to replace Roundup for weed control
  • Vegetable garden in atrium, how to keep rats away
  • Wants to build a greenhouse, Smart Pots
  • Control of scale on crepe myrtle
  • How to control creeping charley
  • Raise beds and moisture
  • Tomato and pepper seedlings
  • Keeping fleas away, is corn gluten the answer
  • Blackberries and inflammation
  • Whole grains Real Time Pain Relief report
  • Aloe Vera Juice for burns for pain and scarring
  • Garrett juice - can she soak milk weed in there
  • Vinegar for herbicides
  • Is it too early for strawberries
  • Fish oil - SPM Active
  • Bromeliad division

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