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Weekly Radio Broadcast - February 7, 2010


February 07, 2010  content_img.2334.img.gif



Basic Organic Program
Easter Lily's In A Bunch; Natural Fertilizer Recommendations;  How to Keep Donkey's from Eating Garden; Root Flares - Lateral Root


Corn Gluten Meal and Molasses; Thick Patches of Grass in Yard;  Daffodil Bulbs; New FLy Introduced to Kill Fire Ants; Humate for Horses; When to Put Out Onion Sets; Beet Pulp & Beet Root;  Cardboard to Smother Bind Weed; Pesticides Info; Where to Buy Organics in Houston;

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Organics In The NEWS
Pine Tree has Pine Tip Blight; Doily Looking Plant in Garden: Star Jasmine; How to Tell if Compost is Truly Organic;  BOurbon Rose Not Repeating; Rail Road Ties around the Garden; Transplanting Live Oaks Raised in Containers

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