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Weekly Radio Broadcast - January 23, 2011


January 23, 2011  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour Ginger in tea. Monsanto voted 'Worst of 2010' (Corporate Hall of Shame). Toenail fungus cured with corn meal. First major fertilization of the year.  Time to plant. Using Latex paint on tree trunks to repel bugs. SPCA 'Dog of the Week' (Frisky). Tomatoes.
  2nd Hour Guest: Kat James (author, best seller "The Truth About Beauty"), from makeup artist to master of self-transformation, who overcame eating disorders and disease to discover success in nutrition & healthy living. Sugar is a big deal. Tea. Honey. Probiotics. Vitamins & Supplements.
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 3rd Hour The Natural Organic Warehouse. The Organic Program (time to fertilize). Grass-fed beef. Red oak trees.  Turf fungus. Diatomaceous Earth. Shredders.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

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