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Weekly Radio Broadcast - June 20, 2010


 June 20, 2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

Early Blight on tomatoes. Planthoppers. Making Garrett juice. Beetles on Okra. Abelia. Grasshopper control. Arizona ash infested with ants and grey moths. Tree I.D.

  2nd Hour

Bio S.I. for tomatoes and potatoes. Baking soda for fungal diseases. Japanese Maple tree. Pine tree. Getting rid of Aero leaf clover.
Sweet potato sent to Howard. Aphids. Tips on Gardening. Feeding Birds.
Dry Molasses for Coastal hay. Growing peppers up north. Leaning oak tree.

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 3rd Hour

Mosquito control. Drenching soil with Bio S.I. Drenching with Garrett juice. Organic products in stores. St. Augustine grass. Filtering water. Flea and Mice control. Peaches.

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