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Weekly Radio Broadcast - June 24, 2007


 June 24, 2007  content_img.2334.img.gif  content_img.2342.img.gif
In Howard’s Garden  
Tea: Peppermint, Bronze and Green Fennel, Rosemary Leaves, Lemon Leaf, Honey. Current Issues: Wasp Killer Linked to Webworm Infestations; Mosquito Control. Propagating Texas Redbud, Indian Carnation; Weeds, Dry Molasses; Non-Toxic Flea Treatments; Biting Flies; Gardenia; Japanese Beetles, Roses; Growing Vegetables.

Crepe Myrtles, Barley Bales for Ponds, Plants Toxic to Horses; Web Worms, Dollar Weed; Asian Jasmine, Nut Grass, Nor-It; Brown Edges on Oak Leaves, Proper Tree Planting; Diluting 20% Vinegar, Webworms Eating Plants; Black Bug with White Stripes; Poison Ivy; Peach Tree Problems, Yellowing Leaves; Establishing Buffalo Grass.

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Organics in the News
Chinch Bugs, DE; Turfallo, Groundcover for Shade, Frog Fruit; Ants, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rust on Dogwood, Hummingbird Moth; Pruning; Bradford Pear; Seedlings in Flower Bed; Holes in Leaves, Watering Depth; Palm Tree; Angel Wing Begonia; Crepe Myrtles.
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