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Weekly Radio Broadcast - June 27, 2010


 June 27, 2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

Earthworm article. Caladiums. Leyland Cypress. Water Hose that doesn't kink. Sweet Gum tree with fallen branch. Tomato plants dying. Green beans not producing. Cypress tree turning brown.

  2nd Hour

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Tomato plants not producing. Companion planting Sunflowers. Going organic with a red bud tree. Getting rid of poison ivy. Blackberries with a fungus. Fig tree with figs dropping. Fleas on a dog.

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 3rd Hour

Repelling gophers and other pest. Hydrogen peroxide as an herbicide. Planting St. Augustine grass. Pear tree root flare. Naturally removing Glue and paint. Garlic. Tomatoes. Over watering.

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