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Weekly Radio Broadcast June 8, 2008



 June 08, 2008  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard’s Garden 

Question on substituting Silver Ornament for Plastic Bags for Flies; Something Eating Green Bean; Catch a Possum; Gnats that come with new plants from store;  Monkey GrassCucumber Plants; Pool DE  Vs. Natural DE Food Grade DE; Corn Has Black Flies; Lizard and Mole Dead in Yard; Garlic Pepper Tea Questions.


Fusarium Wilt on Tomatoes; Homemade Insect Repellant for Livestock; Leaf Rollers on Cannas; Cornmeal Tea; Granite Sand; Wind Damage to Corn; Nematode Questions;  Tomatoes Rotting on Vine.

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Organics in the News

Guest:  Amanda Love – “Barefoot Cook”   : Explanation for Plastic Bags Filled with Water to chase Flies;  Needs Fast growing Privacy Screen;  Fungus on Cast Iron Plants;  Pomegranate Questions;  Spitting on Rose Stems;  Nematodes;  Twig Girdler.

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