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Weekly Radio Broadcast - March 4, 2007


 March  4, 2007  content_img.2334.img.gif  content_img.2342.img.gif
In Howard’s Garden
Lemon Tree Leaves Yellowing; Girdling Roots; Sago Palm; Thinning Palm; Groundcover for Slope; Holly Leaves Yellowing.

Plant Hardiness Map Changes; New Lawn, Oaks Losing Bark; Aloe Turned White; Freeze Protection, Budding Fruit Trees; Bed Prep; Chemo Patient; Mannatech; Growing Sunflowers for Birds.

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Organics in the News
Cancer Patient Shares Advice; Dandelions, Improving Soil; Boric Acid, Log Home; (Bees Disappearing); Veggie Garden Bed Prep; Grass Burrs; Killing Bermuda; Brown Patches in St. Augustine; Lawn Aeration; Compost.
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