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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 10, 2009


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In Howard's Garden
Scott's "organic" line up. Watering everyday and has a fungus growing; The birds played in the background of the show; Over fertilizing; Garrett Juice; Humming Birds shortage; Buying lady bugs; Garlic repels pillbugs; Folier feeding tomatoes.


Texas Discover gardens Randy Johnson guest from The gardens Plant sale may 16th 10 to 2. Romain Lettuce has aphids; Where peat moss comes from; Killing weeds with Vinegar; Best potting soils for stimulating seeds; Carbon to green Ratio in compost pile; Dandylions.

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Organics In The News
How to get rid of flatworms; The green movement and green products on the market; Getting rid of squirrels on honey suckle tree; Flowers have spiddle bugs; Garlic being re applied after rain; Pecan tree loosing leaves all of a sudden; Rain water harvesting is illegal in Colorado.
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