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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 16, 2010


 May 16,  2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

No schools are teaching organics. Organics reduce watering. How to go organic. Selective weed control.  Hydrolyzed Fish. Compost with screened sand. Corn Gluten Meal. Slim Mold on potted plant. Fungus called rust on apple tree. Harvesting Garlic.

  2nd Hour

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Bermuda grass seed. Muenster Milling helping dog with skin allergies. Grass for shade. Blackberries with an unknown bug. Red west Texas clay soil. Peach tree not putting on new growth. Making Orange oil. Fire ant control.

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 3rd Hour

Corn Gluten Meal. Keeping the dog from urinating on the Pine tree. Tick or Beatle on a plant. Getting Rid of Tifton grass. Loquat tree not doing well. Pruning Autumn sage. Preventing Grasshoppers with Diatomaceous Earth. Killing Poison Ivy.

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