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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 2, 2010


 May 02,  2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

Howard's Tea. Virginia Creeper infesting Asian Jasmine. SPCA Pet of the Week. Trimming Iris. Early Blight on tomatoes. When to till. Harvesting peaches.

  2nd Hour

Garden centers that sell organic products. Soil testing. Peach harvesting.
Fertilizing with sprays. Thinning Grapes.
Bermuda Grass. Planting Potatoes. Reading a soil test.

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 3rd Hour

Lantana not coming back. Japanese Maple tree top looks bad. Preying Mantis. Killing Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper. Pecan tree with sap. Thinning of fruit trees. Transplanting tomatoes.
Soaking bulbs. Moths inside home. Preventing bugs in potatoes.

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