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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 23, 2010


 May 23,  2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

Howard's trip to Boston. An Alternative to Deet. Woodpecker making holes in tree.  Fertilizing a Lemon Tree. Golden Horn tree.  Baby Lima Beans not growing.

  2nd Hour

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Digging up Garlic.  Infestations of a worm.  Neem oil. Shade drowning out Bermuda grass.  Suggestions for greens to grow during Summer. Squash growing well. Onions . Radish. Report from the Tomato lady Jeanette Crumpler.

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 3rd Hour

Palm trees coming back after the freeze. Leeks. Sugar snap peas with white spots. Inch worm infestation. Flea control. Cactus Juice. Snakes. Caterpillars. Corn test.

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