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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 6, 2007


 May 6, 2007  content_img.2334.img.gif  content_img.2342.img.gif
In Howard’s Garden 
Tomato Plants; Peach Trees; Rose Fungus; Crab Apples; Ground Cover; Grasshoppers; Boric Acid Dog Food Mix; Ants; Rail Road Ties; Grasshopper Masking Tape Tip; Bees; Bt.

Arizona; Overdo Organics;Codling Moth and Peach Trees; Bamboo; Email to Get Howard Back on Air in Houston; Bees Disappearing; DE and Nemotodes.

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Organics in the News
Gohper Advice; Compost Tea Brewing; Seaweed; Aloe Vera; Clover; Leather Leaf.
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