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Weekly Radio Broadcast - May 9, 2010


 May 09,  2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

Planting caladiums. Creature Feature.
Howard's tea. New Saturday show times. Roses. Community Garden Fertility . Beneficial Nematodes for leaf rollers. What to use on dogs for Fleas.
Insect control. White Butterfly.

  2nd Hour

Corn Gluten Meal for White Powdery Mildew. Flea Beatles. Honeysuckle.
Lawn has brown patches. Slim mold in garden. Something attacking Strawberries. Bed preparation. Lemon Tree planting.

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 3rd Hour

Knock out Roses with Spider mites. Stores with Organic products. Pine Bark. Mulches. Washington Hawthorn Trees.
Moths. How much Bio S.I. should be used in the Colorado Springs area. Rocky Mountain Maple tree. Ticks in trees.

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