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Weekly Radio Broadcast - October 10, 2010


 October 10, 2010  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour

SPCA ‘Pet-of-the-Week.’  ‘Poison of the Week.’ Planting garlic. Roosters for getting rid of grasshoppers. Finding a greenhouse. Getting rid of bed bugs. Non-toxic toothpaste and soaps. Hand sanitizers are no good. Bed preparation.

  2nd Hour

Guest: Dr. Joe Bradford of the USDA. Dr. Bradford and Malcom Beck experience. Dr. Bradford's background.
Organics not being taught at the university. How Dr. Bradford got started in organics. Pecan trees.

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 3rd Hour

How long before harvest on pecan trees. Organic Miracle grow potting soils. Buffalo grass seed planting time.
Trichogramma Wasp. Corn meal keeping seeds from germinating. Organics on a large scale.

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