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Weekly Radio Broadcast - October 21, 2007


 October 21, 2007  content_img.2334.img.gif  content_img.2342.img.gif

In Howard’s Garden 
Pyrethrum, Acreage, Salt, Mexican Mint Marigold, Hibiscus, Event, Clint Josey, Organic Fertilizer Application; Bamboo; Bermuda Grass Runners, Pine Tree; Climate Changes and Zone Map; Ragweed, Corn Gluten Meal, Dry Molasses; Drench for Potted Plant, Cinnamon; Phosphate, Transition to Organics, Potato Patch; Grass Burrs; Texas Mountain Laurel; Fall Color.

HRM Event, Oklahoma Land Management, Root Flare, Weatherford Pecan Tree; Horticultural Cornmeal AKA Hominy, Whole Ground Corn Meal, Grocery Store Cornmeal; Fig Tree; Cornmeal Gone Bad; Pin Holes in Collards; Centipede Grass, Over-Watering, Fungus, Plant Wash Product, Lace Bugs on Azaleas, Garlic, Garlic Pepper Tea; Winter Prep for Japanese Maple, Over-Wintering Geraniums; Snails, Slugs; Seaweed to Protect Plants in Winter; Ash ID, Texas Ash, Green Ash, Arizona Ash; Preparing Young Bay Laurel for Winter, Growth Rate.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

Organics in the News
Alpaca, Fly Deterrents; Ammonium Sulfate, Copper Sulfate Harm Soil, Humate is Better; Planting Buffalo Grass: Seed vs. Sod; Over-Seeding, Fertilizing Pasture, Cotton Seed Meal; Propagating Gloriosa Daisy; Buffalo Grass; Webworms; Winterizing Elephant Ears, Propagating Burr Oak Acorns; Propagating American Beautyberry, Seed, Stem Cutting; Blast Webworms with Water; Asthma-Friendly Roach Killer, Natural Diatomaceous Earth.

           content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

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