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Weekly Radio Broadcast - October 9, 2011


 October 09, 2011  content_img.2334.img.gif


  1st Hour (SPCA) 'Pet-of-the-Week (Baby). Howard at the State Fair of Texas. Newsletter (Howard wins award). Talking heads off mark on environmental issues. DDT, chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers. Organic way is better, and more cost effective. Mulching blackberries.            content_img.2343.img.gif 
  2nd Hour Guest: Dr. Ross Pelton (Dr. Ohira's Probiotics) on "The Keys to Healthy Aging from a Pharmacist's Perspective."  Eating healthy. Vitamins. Flu shots. Planting hollies.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg
 3rd Hour Nutrition. Benefical nematodes. Garlic, and pets. Bermuda grass germinating. EPA regulations. Salt.            content_img.2343.img.gif      content_img.2344.img.jpg

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