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Weekly Radio Broadcast September 21, 2008



 September 21, 2008  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard’s Garden 
Successful Gardening, New Website Features, Amanda Love's Tea, Garrett Juice Plus, Apron, Gloves, Soil Mender, D.E., Mole, Deer and Rabbit Scram,  Wildflower Soaps, New Forum and Blogs, Converting Texas Tech to Organics; Scentless Roses, Apple Tree; Black Mold on Sage; Take All Patch; Nurturing Saint Augustine Grass, Winter Prep, Root Growth


Container Vegetable Gardening, Twisted Learning Tree, Damage by Hurricane Ike, Tansy, Rasberry Ants, Ticks, Busy Street Garden, Exhaust Fumes, Eradicating the Tree of Heaven, Austrian Pines Dying

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Organics in the News
Champion Pecan Tree in Weatherford Damaged by Hurricane Ike, Fleas, Answer to Caller re: Erradicating the Tree of Heaven, Beatle in Poultry House, vinegar Herbicide Recipe, Black Powdery Substance on St. Augustine Grass, Purdue Feeding Chickens D.E. and Zeolite with Great Success, Tree BranchesGrowiung above root flare, Septic System harming crops, Grapevine Propogation, Little White Mites, River Birch 

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