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Weekly Radio Show February 01, 2009


 February 1, 2009  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard’s Garden 

Spider Mites on Indoor Plants; Transplant From Container to Ground; Best Pasture Grass for Sheep; Cherry Tree Information.


Tropical John Report; Rose Hips; Cat Litter & Chicken Scratch; Japanese Maple; Soil Sample; Acid Reflux Report on D-limonene; New Organic Gardener Questions on Dry Molasses;  Kuanza Cherry Trees in D.C.; Trimming Low Limbs on Pecan Trees; Wound Paint.

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Organics in the News

After Pruning Squirt Wound with Hydrogen Peroxide; New Organic Gardener – Scraped Top Layer of Soil for New Garden; Ice Storm in KY How to Rescue Frozen Plants;  Rat or Mouse Eating Vegetables; Info. On Sugar Beet Pellet Containing Dry Molasses;  Crape Myrtle; Brown Spots on Wax Leaf Plants.

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