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Weekly Radio Show March 08, 2009




  March 8, 2009  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard’s Garden 

SPCA, Tropical John, Raw Milk, Raw Milk Cheese, Organic Community Gardens, Amanda Love’s Tea, Beneficial Nematodes, Roses, Thrips, Fertilizing; Daffodils; Hydroponics, Tea for Fertilizing; Harlequin Bugs, Aphids.


Shrubs for Deep Shade, Acuba, Turks Cap, Aralea, Holly Ferns; Christmas Tree Grower in PA; Azaleas, Organic Products; Germinating Seed in Coconut Coir, Seed Starting Mixes; Cat Droppings in Veggie Bed; Hydroponic Gardening; Cabbage Heads, Peach Problems; Cow Manure, DE; Passionflower; Seed Quality Garbanzo Beans.

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Organics in the News

Soil Mender Products; Baker Creek Farm,; Dry Molasses;  Growing Hops; Corn Gluten Meal; Pond Treatment; Cabbage; Ants in Pots, Molasses; Aquaponics; Lawn Care, Weeds; Chick Peas; Tomatoes: Superfantastic, Brandywine, Better Boys, White Currant, Wild Currant.

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