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What is Organic Food?

What is Organic Food?

Organic Food and Fiber products are produced using:

• agricultural management practices which promote and enhance agro-ecosystem health, including diversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. These include crop rotation, cover and green manure crops, use of beneficial insects, composted animal manure and plant wastes, and natural soil amendments.

No genetically engineered seeds or crops, sewage sludge, raw manures, synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers are allowed.

• livestock management practices that decrease environmental stress and promote healthy animals without the use of antibiotics and other prohibited products. These include organic feed, outdoor access and pasture areas, clean water, well ventilated housing, clean bedding, and humane treatment.

No antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically engineered products are allowed.

• food processing management practices that protect the integrity of the organic product. These include prevention of commingling organic products with non-organic products, sanitation chemicals, and prohibited pest control products during storage, processing and transportation.

No food irradiation, genetically engineered ingredients or synthetic preservatives are allowed.

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