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Wild Flowers

Q: I live on a five acre tract at Lake Whitney in Hill County. My meadow has a fair amount of wildflower cover each year. The property has never had chemical fertilizers or non-native plants introduced. I received 1/2 lb of native Texas wildflower mix seed for Christmas. My plan is to scratch some bare soil areas (I added some fill dirt in some holes around the meadow) with a rock rake and plant the seed. Since I missed the best fall planting window, when would be the best time to plant? - J.S., Hill Co.


A: It depends on what varieties you have. Spring bloomers like bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush are best planted in the summer. The summer bloomers like coreopsis and rudbeckia are best planted fall through late winter. If yours is a mix, you might want to go ahead and plant them now. They were a gift, might as well give it a shot.





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