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Wirt L. Winn Holly

: Koehne holly

BOTANICAL NAME:  Ilex x koehneana

TYPE: Broadleaf evergreen

FAMILY:  Aquifoliaceae

ZONE:  6 to 9

HEIGHT:  20 to 25 feet

SPREAD:  8 to 15 feet

HABIT:  Wirt L. Winn is an interesting variety of Koehne holly. Ilex x koehneana, commonly called Koehne holly, is a cross between I. aquifolium and I. latifolia. Medium to large growing holly with dark green, heavily serrated leaves. New growth is tinged burgundy / purple. Moderate to fast growth - can handle full sun to part shade. Very nice, yet seldom seen holly. Growth rate: Moderate to fast ( 8"-12" average per year). Berries - produces rather large round holly berries which average approximately 1/4" - 3/8" in diameter. Berries start out in summer as a light green color, and gradually ripen to a nice deep red in mid fall. Berries generally persist through winter.

New growth showing bronzy color

CULTURE:  Hardiness Zones: 6 - 9. Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun. Soil Preference: Average to slightly sandy & acidic - well drained. Mulching strongly recommended. Easy to grow, especially under the organic program. Should be used much more.

USES:  Makes an excellent landscape specimen due to its nice size, and beautiful foliage. Natural growth habit is strongly pyramidal, and requires little to no help to maintain such a shape. Bears very large, handsome fruits in abundance - good berry producer.

Cutter bee damage

PROBLEMS:  Diseases / Insects: Rather trouble free, with scale problems occasionally reported - roots do not thrive in poorly drained soils. Leaf cutting bees will do some cosmetic damage but are not a big problem. 

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