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Artemisia absinthium

(ar-tay-MIS-ee-ah ab-SINTH-ee-um)


FAMILY:           Compositae

TYPE: Perennial subshrub

LOCATION:      Full sun or partial shade

PLANTING: Plant year round from seed, divisions or transplants

HEIGHT:           3 to 4 feet

SPREAD:          2 to 3 feet

FINAL SPACING:          18 to 24 inches

BLOOM/FRUIT: Yellowish green flowers in midsummer.


GROWTH HABITS/CULTURE: Fast-growing, very pungent, upright to sprawling, extremely aromatic foliage. Leaf color is silvery when young but darkens to pale green with age. Can be invasive. Cut back in fall or early spring to avoid leggy look.

PROBLEMS:     Leggy and untidy if not kept trimmed.

HARVEST/STORAGE:   Cut the foliage anytime and use fresh or hang upside down to dry. Store in a cool place.

CULINARY USES:         A bitter herb used to flavor vermouth.

MEDICINAL USES: Historically makes a bitter tea used as a vermifuge. It is very toxic. Also used to treat liver and gallbladder problems, fever, gout, and aid digestion. However, it is too toxic to be used internally.

LANDSCAPE USES:     Makes a good border and color contrast plant.

OTHER USES:  Repellent for fleas, ticks, and moths. Good to use in wreaths.

INSIGHT:          Wormwood is a good insect repellent and attractive in landscape.


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