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Gardenia jasminoides                                                                       
gar-DEN-ee-ah     jas-mi-NOID-ease    

Evergreen – Shade / Part Shade        Ht. 4’-6’ Spread 3’-5’Ht. 4’-6’ Spread 3’-5’                
Spacing 3’

 HABIT: Glossy foliage, large white flowers in early summer. Native to China.

CULTURE:    Needs highly organic soil with good drainage. Even moisture is important. Milorganite or manure in winter is a good idea. Chelated iron and soil acidifiers are often needed.

USES:  Screen, specimen, accent, flower fragrance, container plant.

PROBLEMS:   Aphids, scale, white flies, chlorosis.

NOTES:   A good dwarf variety exists but has the same problems as the full size plant.

Gardenias are not always easy to grow but best results come from a comprehensive program of planting them in rich beds, fertilizing with organic fertilizers, and adding a tablespoon of vinegar per gallon of irrigation water. Bed prep for gardenias is: 4” compost, 1” wheat bran/cornmeal/molasses mix, ½” lava sand, Ό” Texas greensand, and one of the organic fertilizers at 20 pounds per square feet. Also spray the foliage every two weeks with Garrett Juice, which contains vinegar, or a fish and seaweed product. If vinegar isn’t in the product you choose, add it at 1 ounce per gallon of spray. The other ingredients are also important.


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