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Common Name: Katydid

Scientific Name: Order Orthoptera, family Tettigoniidae, several species

Size: Adult--1 1/2"

Identification: Adults are green with large angular wings and hind legs modified for jumping. They are very noisy. Eggs are gray-brown, flat, and laid in double rows on twigs of plants.

Biology and Life Cycle: One generation a year. Winter hibernation in the egg stage. Incomplete metamorphosis. Usually five or six nymphal (instars) stages.

Habit:  Many orchard plants, landscape gardens, shade trees. Deciduous woods and open fields.Adults feed on garden and landscape plant foliage but don't do much damage.  More than anything, they are noisy.

feeding habits: Adults feed on garden and landscape plant foliage but don't do much damage.

economic importance: Very little. More than anything, they are noisy.

Natural control: Good biodiversity, birds, and praying mantids.

Organic control: Garlic-pepper tea spray as a repellent. Liquid fire ant control formula or plant oil products.

Notes: Katydids show up bright and shiny with a flashlight at night. They sing only at night with their distinctive "katy-did, katy-didn't"--and they are very loud. Normally only the males sing.

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