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Quercus virginiana         (KWER-cus vir-gin-ee-AYN-ah)

            Evergreen shade tree

HEIGHT:           40 to 50 feet

SPREAD:         40 to 50 feet

FINAL SPACING:           25 to 40 feet


HABIT:  Spreading evergreen shade tree. Small glossy leaves vary in shape and size. Single and multiple trunks. Black acorns. Extremely dramatic and beautiful tree with a wide or graceful head. Large limbs tend to dip and sweep to the ground. On some of the most beautiful live oaks, the limbs actually rest on the ground. It is an arborilogical crime to prune away these wonderful limbs.


CULTURE:        Live oak is easy to establish and easy to grow but is a relatively high maintenance tree because itís dropping something year round - leaves, flowers, or acorns. Most people have the misconception that it is a clean tree because it is evergreen. It responds well to ample moisture and fertilizer but over fertilization can bring on various pest problems including root fungal diseases.


PROBLEMS:     Aphids, galls, oak wilt. Oak wilt disease can be controlled by using the Sick Tree Treatment and improving the immune system of the tree, improving the health of the soil and the root system.


NOTES: Live oaks are curiously tolerant to construction around their root systems. Looks its worst in spring when new leaves are kicking off the old leaves.


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