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Weekly Radio Broadcast - March 30, 2008


 March 30,  2008  



In Howard’s Garden 
Bronze Fennel, Green Tea, Honey. Comment on Scott’s Fertilizer Advertisement, Foliar Feeding in the Rain, Bald Cypress, Dawn Redwood, Arnold Arboretum in Boston, Tomatoes: Pruning, Bed Prep, Early Blight; Planting Deep, Planting Sideways, Soft Rock Phosphate; Turfallo, Vinegar Herbicide; Moss Rose, Purslane, Portulaca, Edible Plants, Hanging Baskets.

Advantages of Organic, Disadvantages of Conventional; Tomatoes, Manure, Bed Prep and Size, Garrett Juice, Sul-Po-Mag; Synthetic Fertilizers; Sweet Corn; Tomato Growing Apparatus; Decomposed Granite, Granite Sand, Wood Sealant, Lava Sand, Lava Rock; Breeding Vegetables for Durable Resistance; Dalgo Crabapple Trees from Seed; Grass for Partial Shade.                  

Organics in the News
Chinquapin Nut Tree, Picloram, Norit: Gro-Safe, Compost Test; Cultivating, Planting Seed under Tree; Dry Molasses, Fire Ants; Fig Tree Propagation; Wood Chips; Possumhaw Holly, Propagating Roses; Miracle-Gro “Organic” Potting Soil; Fertilizing; Treated Wood Chemicals; Tilling, Hairy Vetch, Planting Corn.


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