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Weekly Radio Broadcast - November 7, 2010


 November 07, 2010  


  1st Hour Cooking Seminar with Amanda Love. (Thebarefootcook.com). Leaf management.  Newsletter. Lots of white sugar put on yard experiment. Trimming a burning bush in IL this time of year. Trimming and Apple tree. Spiders in bedroom closet. Pine tree being attacked. Leaf management idea.             
  2nd Hour ‘Poison-of-the-Week’ (Frontline). Garlic for flea control on dogs. Watering plants with Carbonated water. Blueberries and Peach tree growing in Texas. Pecan tree.                  
 3rd Hour Coffee grounds in Azeala bed. Leggy Plants.  Getting rid of Root Rot. Moving Cedar tree to Virginia. Pomegranate tree and Chinese Pastachio tree.                  

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