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Texas A & M Research: Hu-More & Bradfield Fertilizers

HuMore & Bradfield Fertilizers

HuMore and Bradfield both have not only University research but both have research from Texas A&M.  The research for Hu-More was done on this product in relationship to a fungal disease called Take All Patch. Take All patch is difficult to control where synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides have been heavily used. Texas A&M did the research. Dr. Phil Cobaugh specifically - and the product worked not only as well but better than the chemical fungicides, in addition to the fact that Hu-More is an excellent natural fertilizer made from compost manure and alfalfa.  Another specific organic fertilizer that has university testing is Bradfield. It is an organic fertilizer that contains alfalfa, molasses and an organic source of potassium. The testing was done at The A&M Research Center in Weslaco and the results were outstanding. The organic fertilizer in this case not only was effective as but beat the synthetic fertilizers in tomato growing. Yes, thereís plenty of research on the organic products. The critics donít admit it, but thatís what the organic gardeners have known for a long time.

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