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Chai Omega Products

Over half of American adults take supplements, and over 80 percent of supplement users take an Omega-3. They know that fish oil may be good for them, but many dislike the fishy aftertaste. Now there is an even BETTER Omega-3 source that addresses those concerns. Chia seeds may contain more ALA Omega-3 than any other source on the planet - surpassing fish oil! CHIA OMEGA is the pioneering product line that stands out by combining Chia Seed Oil with synergistic ingredients for specific health goals.

Product features are:

More Omega-3 than fish or flax oil!

No more fishy "burpback"

100% Vegan

Eco friendly & sustainable

Made in the USA

Products are:

CHIA OMEGA + CoQ10 provides both ALA Omega-3s from Chia seed oil and highly desirable antioxidant CoQ10. Both promote cardiovascular and metabolic health. Chia seed oil also supports healthy cognitive function.

CHIA OMEGA® + D3 (Vegetarian) is one of the first products to combine cold-pressed Chia seed oil with highly bioavailable D3. Known to support both bone health and balanced mood, D3 is a synergetic addition to our Omega-3s, which also support joint comfort and mental cognition.

CHIA OMEGA® + Enzymes (Vegan) is one of the first Omega-3 supplements to combine cold-pressed Chia seed oil with digestion-friendly lipase. Our plant-sourced lipase supports the healthy digestion of dietary fats. Omega-3s are known to support cardiovascular and joint health, as well as healthy cognition.*

CHIA OMEGA® + EPA & DHA (Vegan) combines cold-pressed Chia seed oil with plant-sourced EPA and DHA. Together, EPA, DHA, and Chia ALA help to balance the excessive Omega-6 intake in the typical American diet. DHA helps maintain healthy nerve, eye, and brain cells, and both EPA and DHA support heart health. Chia seed Omega-3s provide further synergetic support for cardiovascular health as well as promote mental clarity.







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