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Grass, St. Augustine

COMMON NAME:  St. Augustine Grass

BOTANICAL NAME:  Stenotaphrum secundatum  

PRONUNCIATION:  sten-no-TAY-frum seh-coon-DAY-tum

TYPE:  Warm season, Sun to part shade, Solid sod

MOWING HEIGHT:  2 - 4 inches

HABIT:  Wide-bladed grass, spreads by stolons, most shade tolerant of our warm season grasses. ‘Raleigh’ is a hybrid resistant to St. Augustine decline (SAD), and is more cold hardy than hybrids ‘Seville’ and ‘Floratam.’

CULTURE:  Any well-drained soil that is fairly fertile. Not as tough as Bermudagrass.

USES:  Lawn grass, shade.

PROBLEMS:  Chinch bugs, grubworms, diseases.

NOTES:  Native to Africa and the Gulf Coast.

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