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Grasshopper Control - Kaolin Clay Newsletter

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Grasshopper Control – Kaolin Clay


Apple tree treated with Kaolin Clay.


Grasshoppers are showing up early and may be a big problem this year. I used to recommend Nolo Bait and various citrus sprays, but there is a better way to go and besides repelling grasshoppers and other pests, it might just improve crop production. If mixed with Garrett Juice Plus and an organic pest control product, it works even better.


It's called kaolin clay and when mixed with water and sprayed, it forms a 'particle film' on plants and confuses the pests. Research from the USDA-ARS click here indicates that it is a very good control. Reports from my listeners corroborate these findings. This article from the Diamond Grower News talks about Surround WP use on walnuts. 


Natural diatomaceous earth has some of the same properties and can be mixed with kaolin clay. The commercial product is called Surround WP. Click here for the details.


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Originally published 2011





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