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Mosquito and Spider Mist Systems


Dirt Doctor Weekly Newsletter

 Mosquito and Spider Mist Systems


I recently got a question from a listener about my thoughts on the new spider mist systems.  It reminded me that I haven't made a strong enough and concise statement about mist systems in this newsletter format.


Although I have tried various mosquito mist systems, none have been found to be problem free and none have been found to control the pests without burning plants and/or killing beneficial insects.   Therefore – I don’t approve of mist systems.  Let me rephrase that...I strongly advise against mosquito and spider mist systems. 



In addition, most of the systems use pyrethroids or natural pyrethrum (pyrethrins).  I strongly oppose the use of both of these toxic products.  These products are toxic to birds, frogs, lizards, cats, dogs and you.  Yes, pyrethrum is natural - so are arsenic, hemlock and ricin.

Garlic, as explained in our past newsletter (see archives), works better and is non-toxic.  For spiders - vacuum them.  If people are still trying to push these unacceptable products on you, here's some new research and information that might help you make the right decision - see Perils of the New Pesticides.

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Naturally yours, 

Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor   

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