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Weekly Radio Broadcast - September 27, 2009


  September 27, 2009  content_img.2334.img.gif



In Howard's Garden
Getting rid of crab grass, the State Fair, Planting wild flowers (Poppy's), Working in compost, When are the fruits of a pomegranate tree ripe? Gardening with a retainer wall.

Garrett Juice, Product development Garrett Juice, D.E., Getting rid of night shade, Garlic pepper tea, Bird show at state fair, Salts in Manure based compost , B.T. in Garrett juice, Black spots on watermelon leaves, Asian jasmine, Plum tree trimming.
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Organics In The News
Transplanting Gardenia plant from pot to ground, Pruning an Oak tree, Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade), Flea control inside and out, Leaves on tree eaten by a beetle, Oak tree acorns expelling sticky substance that attracts bees.

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