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Yucca, Red

Evergreen Full Sun


Hesperaloe parviflora ---- Height 3' Spread 3' - 5'


hess-per-RAY-low par-vi-FLOOR-ah ---- Spacing 3' -4'




HABIT: Slender, fountain-like blue green foliage that is fairly slow growing. Reddish pink flowers bloom almost all summer.


CULTURE: Extremely drought tolerant, any soil as long as it is well drained. Low food needs.


USES: Specimen, accent, summer color.




NOTES: Native to west Texas. Not a true yucca.




Question: I have a yucca in front of my house that has produced some babies. One is about 12 inches tall, and the other about 6 to 8 inches tall. I trim off all the dead foliage from the yucca and keep the outward-facing leaves clipped because they are close to a sidewalk. What is the best time for me to separate these babies from the mother plant? B.P., Fort Worth


Answer: Fall to early spring is the best time, but yuccas can be divided at any time with reasonable results.





Yucca gloriosa YUCK-ah glor-ee-OH-sa)


Evergreen ---- Sun ---- Height 3' ---- Spread 3' ---- Spacing 3' - 4'


HABIT: Single unbranching trunk. Spreads of offshoots to make new plants. White flower stalk in summer.


CULTURE: Any soil as long as well-drained.


USES: Accent or dramatic mass.


PROBLEMS: Aphids and scale if over watered.


NOTES: Looks best at height of 24". When leggy it is best to cut off the tall part and let the baby plants take over. The flowers are edible if you aren't spraying with toxic pesticides.





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